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Thank you, Heather!

It is with broken hearts that we have to announce that our beloved Executive Director, Heather Mackey, has passed away suddenly due to complications regarding ovarian cancer.  Heather made Mighty Oaks what it is today.  She has brought joy to so many people in our community.  While there are always tons of questions when someone suddenly passes, right now our focus is continuing to make sure Heather Mackey’s dreams live on.  We will continue to honor all she has brought to the clinic and we will continue to fulfill her mission and vision to making sure all children can live their best life.  At this time, we don’t have details concerning our tremendous loss.  We are currently focused to insuring that Heather’s hopes and dreams to serve the community continue.

In lieu of flowers, the family has requested that memorial contributions be made to Mighty Oaks Children’s Therapy Center.

If you wish to donate, please note that all donations are tax deductible and donations may be sent to or brought in to our clinic. 3615 Spicer Road SE, Albany OR 97322 Thank you for your generosity and helping us keep Heather’s mission to serve the children of our community alive!